It’s Fall, Ya’ll

Isn’t it great that we can use “y’all” in our vocabulary. We are all so ready for some crisp cool autumn days.

I’m having fun using my Silhouette Cameo 3 crafting with Permanent vinyl 651 from Oracle.

I purchased this big metal yard art pumpkin from Hobby Lobby.  It is the largest vinyl design that I’ve ever designed. It got even bigger with the “Laurel G” for a client.

I created a design file in Silhouette Studio Designer Plus using a handwritten font.   I had to print, cut and tape the words and manipulate the size until it was just right.  Words/letters had to fit on an 8.5″X 11″ sheet of paper. In the software, I “nested” the words and detached letters to maximize the valuable vinyl.

Using the settings from Expressions Vinyl, I easily cut the Permanent vinyl with the new auto-blade option. I had to use the 12″ x 24″ cutting mat.  Do not reverse your design. Transfer tape will be used to move the vinyl to the pumpkin.

Here’s where it gets more difficult. Weeding and placing the design on the pumpkin. I marked the center of the metal pumpkin with a small penciled “X”.

Cut around the words and individual letters into a workable size. Weed slowly starting at a corner. I use a seam ripper and curl the vinyl away from the backing. Make sure you do not stretch or pull the vinyl as you remove the unwanted portions. After weeding, carefully reconnect your individual letters to the word pieces using the sticky backing.

I use clear Contact Paper to transfer large designs. Cut a piece large enough to cover each entire word. Peel off the paper and place the sticky side down on the right side of the vinyl. Start in the center vertically and smooth out to the edges. Use a flat tool make it flat.

On the large “G” and laurels be careful when weeding not to keep the sticky backing of the unwanted vinyl away from the right side of the word or letters. It will grab and not let go. Weed in small patches. I even if you get it apart, you will not be able to remove the sticky residue. Voice of experience.

After the contact per is attached well, slowly peel off the vinyl backing. Place the vinyl visually and rub vertically with your hands/palms. Move outward pushing flat.  Rub out bubbles. Remove contact paper slowly also-checking for loose vinyl. Whew!

Stand back and enjoy your work.