Ikea Latt Hack–My Version

Found this adorable table hack on Pinterest. My version is about the same. Can’t help but share the finished project. For Olivia and Henry, our littles…

I do plan on adding two vinyl sayings on the chair bottoms. Something about being fierce. I’ll post finished product.

Here’s the tutorial that I used. I would make a few instruction changes.

We spray painted the table after partially assembling it using Valspar “Milk Glass” color. This is a Lowe’s brand.

I would not cut the gift wrap paper or the trim the 24″ x 30″ acrylic sheet until after finalizing the assembly. There are inconsistencies in the dowel holes that might cause a little skewing as it is assembled.

You might be able to use a drimmel tool and ‘cut out’ the small squares at each corner for a perfect fit. However, if you can’t do that, measure the inner width and the outer length so that at least the two longer sides will be flush against the acrylic edge.

This table and chairs are very small. Probably useful up to age 3 years.

#sewbizzybee, #ikeahacks, #kidstable, #littles

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